About Us

Ltd. Noor Tehnik`s goal is to provide to our customers good balance between price and quality. We are specialised in a car and home audio and multimedia, but you can also find a big selection of car tuning accessories, electronics, components, leather also imitation leather, TV and radio antennas and accessories, audio/video connections, car signalisation, tools, everything provided with excellent customer service.
Thanks to our good relationships with our partners and a long time of experience, we can always satisfy our customer’s needs, and find the best solution between quality and price.

We will also help you with installation questions.
Our stores ensures stability to our customers- reasonable prices, a good and stabile choice of products and professional help and support on all matters.



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Avasime kaupluse “Noor Tehnik” Tallinnas Luise tn. 4.


Avasime kaupluse “Noor Tehnik” Tallinnas Järve Keskuses aadressiga Pärnu mnt. 238.


Avasime e-poe www.noortehnik.ee

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